iPlus Emphasizes on the Importance of Big Data for Businesses in the Information Age

Thursday, October 03, 2013

iPlus Intelligent Network, Inc., the managed I.T. services firm of ePLDT led a host of thought leaders in the first ever Data Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Ortigas Center.

A first leg of what is envisioned as an annual gathering of the Philippine business sectors’ thought leaders, iPlus’ workforce and management integration systems head, Mr. Junie Aguirre, familiarized a diverse crowd of executives from various industries with the concept of big data and the relevance of the burgeoning aptitude to curate, analyze, store, share, and use large chunks of data to achieve business goals in the information age.

As the integration of business with information technology continues to flourish, Aguirre said that “data is becoming a key basis of competition underpinning new waves of productivity, growth such as hard assets and human capital, innovation and modern economic activity.” In the various aspects of an organization’s operations, data requires analytics for any value to be driven out of it. Telecom companies need sufficient data to gauge mobile phone usage of their consumers and ultimately map out strategies that could give their subscribers improved or better user experience.

With technology and the dizzying changes that force companies how they do business, knowing how to accurately capture, store, analyze, and share definitely enables operational efficiency and flexibility to face imminent challenges.

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