3 Ways on How to Train Your Dragon (Passion)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Entrepreneurs are passionate people. And we don’t want them to be the other way around.

But what if the passion suddenly disappears or is waning?

If this is your situation, let me give you my piece of mind on how to train your dragon (your passion).

I associate passion with dragon because both of them needed fire to be powerful!
Dragon is a mythical animal and passion is very much the same (for me).

1. Take a Breather

If you feel bored with the business that you are running which you started because of your passion to it, you can stay away from it in a few days or once-a- week.

The distance away from that business will give you breathing space and a fresh look on that business that you are passionate about.

I go to the mountains or read books just to occupy my mind whenever I feel my passion is going down.

 2. Join a group of like minded people

Fighting the battle alone will wear you out. Sometimes those small failures add up and you find yourself tired or drowning.

Meet-up is a great online platform where you can find a group to exchange ideas. I attend some meet-up and I find myself full of vigor after this productive meet-ups.

You may also attend free seminar from tradeshows. I have an upcoming event on SMEs that is the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo (PBEX) slated this July 25-27, 2014 at Megatrade, SM Megamall. You can find a group of entrepreneurs there that you maybe interested to join.

 3. Gamify

Don’t get me wrong but this is not only about technology. What I am saying is making work like a game. Everybody loves competition. There is an adrenaline rush that goes along with it and it feels good.

In our office, I recently divided the people into to groups and we created a sales competition. Of course, there is a reward for the winning team.

Even if the game is still ongoing, I see fire in the eyes of the people. As for me, I love working with people with fire that makes my own fire burn brightly.

These are simple tips on how to train your dragon. I believe in no time you can see your dragon soaring to greater heights.

And to fly our dragon high up in the sky is the right path for all of us.

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