10 Best Practices in Event Management in the Philippines in 2014

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

We are now going on the 10th month of the year and being an event management enthusiast like you are here are the things that I have observed as the top 10 best practices in event management for 2014. Safe to say, no major trend will emerge for the remaining two months to change these best practices that I saw this year.

1.    Social Media Rising

Almost all events right now are using social media to sell, market and attract visitors and attendees. Not a rocket science but this trend will continue.

2.    Email Marketing is Alive

Yes Sir, nobody can say that email marketing will die after the proliferation of social media tools. Email marketing is still one of the best and affordable tools to connect and make your events a success in terms of attendance and profitability.

3.    Intense On-site Digital Engagement

I saw twitter and instagram and other digital platforms being used to engage the visitors and attendees of events. I have no doubt that more digital platforms will be further dominate the actual event in order to engage the intended target market of exhibitions, conferences and corporate events.

4.    Magnetic Content Marketing

Before the actual event, there are a lot of content being produced in order to sustain the interest of the attendees. This is cool and enriching for the target clients. I say let us do more of this.

5.    Mind Blowing 3D Presentations

Video mapping and augmented reality dominated the major conferences.  In exhibitions, 3d digital set-up is being used to attract more traffic to booths. Indeed, a lot of bells and whistles coming from advanced technology.

6.    Simple but Powerful: Interactive Websites

The one page rolling websites are beautiful, fast and easy to navigate. Best of all, it is not anymore a mere brochure but a website that sell. Obviously, E-commerce going strong and we will see more in years to come.

7.    Quality Game: Less Speakers, More Networking Time

This is one of the best things that I have experience this year. In fact, this is the best remedy for conference fatigue. More so, as an entrepreneur I love that more time is being allotted to networking and making friends with fellow attendees and exhibitors.

8.    Database is King

The purpose of events is to gather data and with this data create a better understanding of the people that the event serves. Even if this seems to be a given even in the past, the presence of applications like CRM and other platforms that give you analytics and dashboards are a powerful change. This gives value to your events. It also justifies your sponsorship offerings to potential sponsors. Many event organizers are now harnessing the power of data and available tools to create dashboards – used in decision-making and valuation of the event.

9.    Free Events: Wow of the Times

A lot of learning events for free are taking place. Like-minded people are joining hands to listen to people that can help them grow in terms of understanding the areas of interest they love. Sponsors and companies are taking advantage of this group by providing them venues or other logistical needs.

10. More Hybrid Events: Ultimate Synergy

Exhibitions now have conferences in tow and vice versa. Exhibitions, Competitions and Below the Line Events are now, most of the times, present in one event. These hybrid events are becoming a commonplace in the country. For visitors and participants it is more beneficial

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