5 Important Things Technology Brought that Make Us Loyal to Brands

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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The rapid changes in technology completely alter the way we do things and, as this is being written, the changes are super fast and ongoing.

However, there are positive changes that technology has already made obvious in relation to the way companies and brand relate to us.


The brands became social. It became a person that talks to us. It became a friend sitting besides us. It is now a personality that we love or hate.


Brands and companies are not anymore passive objects. They are animated. They engage us whenever they can. Their engagement is now at the point that they are almost in every corner of our lives. We see them and we cannot escape from them.

This is what is meant by the rise of omni channel.


The data that technology can provide about us are enormous. The data and the technology platforms have allowed brands and companies to be connected in the markets they are operating. 

The data produced gave out blueprints to our current behaviors. On the other hand, technology provided the means to harness the benefits of these blueprints. The brands and companies did not waste any time in harvesting these benefits.

Connectedness is one of these benefits.


We are now called Prosumers – proactive consumers. This became possible because of the explosion of information.

We are now getting information more than we have 10 years ago. This is progress. This is power within our hands.


The proliferation of Loyalty and Rewards Program is aided by technology. We are enjoying the special attention given by brands and companies. We are now rewarded. These rewards are delivered to us by means of technology.

In summary, these five important things are inherent in the technology developed. For loyalty and rewards program managers and marketers it is now more compelling to maximize the technology.

Lastly, if all things being equal in terms of technology usage, loyalty and rewards manager and marketers must push their creative minds to be surprisingly different.

Indeed, it is an exciting time.

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