Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Card – a Symbol of a Proactive and Engaging Government Agency

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love it!

A government agency thinking out of the box and going beyond its mandate in order to engage and add value to its clients.

The Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Card gives special discounts and rewards when you use it to pay for medicines, fuel, tuition fees and many more.

The Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Card symbolizes a government agency that is immersed to what is happening in the marketplace and serious in providing better service to its customers.

Loyalty and rewards program, in the last year’s Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo, is described by one of the speakers as making the company’s relationship to the customers from transactional to emotional.

I salute Pag-IBIG Fund’s current leadership for this program. We need more agencies like Pag-IBIG Fund that strives to create a true emotional connection and service to the Filipino people.

Fore more information about the Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Program please check this link:

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