Top Companies Confab to Tackle Loyalty and Rewards Program

Monday, September 08, 2014

Ex-link Events, in partnership with the Philippine Marketing
Association, will hold its 3rd Customer Loyalty Conference & Expo on October 24, 2014 at the New World Hotel, Makati.

The growth of big data and analytics industry in the country has made companies in the country scamper to create their own loyalty and rewards program. The Philippines, according to Marketing Interactive, accounts for 10% ($212 million) of the $2.12 Billion global analytics industry, and this is bound to further increase with educational programs being hammered by corporate players in partnership with CHED.

This development only means that the Loyalty and Rewards Program is the best tool in gathering consumer data and behavior in terms of interaction with brands. Thus, loyalty and rewards program is here to stay and will be a permanent force to help companies survive the gruelling business competition.

With the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Integration where the marketplace will become bigger, and where competition will become massive even for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), understanding and creating Loyalty and Rewards Program for businesses is a must. Studies state that a Loyalty and Rewards Program can increase sales and customer retention from 5% to 20% depending on how these programs fit to the target consumers.


The 3rd Customer Loyalty Conference & Expo will allow you to network with like-minded individuals and corporate decision makers focused on maximizing the opportunities that loyalty and rewards program provides.

The topics are well crafted to satisfy interest of the practitioners such as Brand Managers, Social Media Managers, Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Relations Managers/Officers, Frontline Managers/Officers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Academes, Loyalty Consultants, Management Consultants, Business Intelligence Managers, Business Development Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Customer Information Managers, and Communications Managers.

The first topic is “Age of Engagement: Loyalty Programs and campaigns today”. It will discuss the effective loyalty programs and campaigns being used today that will help you to unlock the potential of your loyalty program by increasing your brand market share up to 20%.

The theme of the second topic is “Creating Evangelists: The ROI of engaging your loyal customers”. This topic will provide you learnings about ROI that will help you to maximize income potential of your loyalty and rewards program.

The third topic is “Power-up: Using LOCATION ANALYTICS to make your loyalty program effective”. This will give you insights on how to boost your business by being able to use location-centered insights with structured data found in existing databases like CRM information that will boost and help your loyalty program even further by being more effective based on your clients demographic records.
The theme for fourth topic is “Customer Experience: Creating Magnetic Touch points”. From this, entrepreneurs will learn how to attract more customers by working on all of your external brand touch points.

 And to cap this relevant and timely learning event, the fifth theme will discuss “The Phablet Era: Effective Use of Mobile Apps in Engaging Your Customers”. This topic will tackle on how to use mobile apps in engaging your customers effectively since more and more people are moving towards online loyalty programs to measure ROI.

International Speakers are: Mr. Mark Mullinix, Founder and Managing Director of Loyalty Advantage, a full-service loyalty, marketing and consulting company. Mr. Mullinix is responsible for client development, strategic partnerships and loyalty strategy work in the airline and retail industries.

Mr. Andrew Roth, President and Co-founder of Perx, a leading mobile loyalty platform in Southeast Asia, is an Internet Executive with over 15 years of experience. This includes the management of start-up and corporate teams, business development, process management, and product strategy.

Some of the local Speakers are: Ms. Yayu Javier, President of Philippine Marketing Association & COO of Avanza Inc. Ms. Javier’s training in loyalty comes from a very strong foundation from her training with Maritz, Inc., U.S., as she spearheaded the Asia Pacific projects for Maritz' global accounts while under Motivation Asia (mother company of Avanza, Inc.). Previous to that, Ms. Javier has had many years of experience in the advertising field with Ace-Saatchi as one of her last employers and also as a creative and account management person in Brunei Darussalam.

Mr. Jojo Ajero, Founder & CEO of XSite Solutions, Mr. Ajero was formerly the Head of Marketing of Chowking, helping grow the brand from P180 million in 1992 to P11 BILLION in 2008. He also has a keen understanding of Digital Marketing, being the former Chief Digital Marketing Officer of and one of the pioneer Certified Digital Marketers (CDM).

Ms. Michelle Patel, First Customer Experience Advocate and Founder of SatisFIND, was a marketing professional with notable accomplishments in brand management, having launched Heinz Tomato Ketchup in the Philippines, before starting her own company at the age of 27.

This year’s Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo will give you the best avenue to capture learning insights and best applications on how to create, maintain, and manage loyalty among your customers.
Some participating companies are: Networld Capital Ventures - PJ Lhuillier, Maynilad Water Services, Inc., Multiflex RNC, Philippines, Toby's Sports, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, CBCI, Cosmocare, EBG Supermarket Stores Corporation, Malayan Insurance, BDO Unibank, Inc., Hub Stores and Services, Hyundai Asia, Concepcion Carriers Airconditioning, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Unilever Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corporation, GHL Systems, Philippines, Petron Corporation, Enjoy Philippines, William Tan Ent – Caltex Palawan, First Vita Plus Marketing Corp, Chevron Philippines, Brother International Philippines Corporation, CitiBank N.A, Enjoy Philippines, Zing Rewards.

Be a sponsor and gain maximum mileage and exposure for your company, Join the exhibit and get the chance to showcase your products and services to captive audience of top caliber professionals. Lastly, participate in the conference and grow your awareness by listening and taking part in discussions vital to your business.

Call the  3rd Customer Loyalty Conference & Expo secretariat at, , trunk line 643 38 87 | 643 77 60 | 0920 924 2532 , 2532  for  more information log on and 
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