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Monday, November 10, 2014

You have a great concept and great client. It seems everything is heaven sent. However, if you become overwhelmed with this to elements you may lose the greatness in the end.

Oftentimes, you want to get the event because you want to manage an event that has a great concept and a potential to be big. There is nothing wrong with this.

In addition, the concept is buttered with a great client, so you think, but the great client can become the worst client.


Basically, things can go awry if you are not clear with the event management contract. This means unclear expectations and deliverables can be disastrous in two ways.

1.    Unclear expectations and deliverables can lead to unmet expectations

If you do not know what the client wants even if you feel that you have given the best there is a big possibility he will be unhappy in the end.

2.    Unclear expectations and deliverables can lead lost of profit

Let us fact it, the clients sometimes asked additional items and deliverables that are not stipulated in the contract. If you are not careful about this, by giving all the things that the client wants,  you will end up losing a large sum of money.

What is the use of the great concept and great client if you will not profit?

So the takeaway of this discussion is the know by heart the event management contract that you agreed with the client.”

In every phase of the event implementation, always review the contract. If you are lacking in some areas that you need to deliver you must double your efforts.

However, if you see that the client asked an item or items that is beyond the contract it is up for you to decide whether to charge the client for this extra service.

If you do this, there is no way you will not win in any events that you will handle.

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