5 Things To Do To Be A Lucky Event Manager this Year

Friday, February 20, 2015

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Yesterday we celebrated the Chinese New Year.  Since how to be lucky is one of the hottest questions at the moment. I would like to share my piece of mind on how to be a lucky Event Manager this year and beyond.


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” ― Gautama Buddha

A deeper sense of Purpose allows you to be lucky. Why? A person with a deeper purpose of doing things creates unforgettable events or body of works. Every day he always gets up to do the job and accomplish the roles of responsibilities of being an event manager with energy.

Not everyday will be a good day for the event manager. Mood swings and health challenges happen to name a few situations, but these factors are nothing to an event manager that has a deep sense of purpose why he is doing things.


A passionate event manager is a lucky person. Passionate person attracts good energy and creates good energy from his surroundings. Whenever I see an event manager that typifies passion, I see around him energetic people full of zest in accomplishing impossible tasks.


“The opposite of a problem would likely be the correct solution.”

Events produce a lot of problems. If an event manager does not know how to provide solutions then the event is always in danger of failing.

An Event manager that is a solution provider is lucky. He is lucky because they are able to provide positive solutions to negative situations. The more an event manager thinks of positive solutions, the more positivity and success knock on the door of the event manager.


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Creative event managers are lucky. They are able to convert something simple to a work of art. Creative event managers are able to see simple solutions and process to complicated things.

No amount of problems or hindrances can prevent creative event managers from being lucky. Even if these problems are as high as Mt. Everest they can surmount it by being able to provide creative ways on how to go on top of it.


I am a great believer in Luck. The harder I work, the more of it       I seem to have. — Coleman Cox.

An Event is like creating a citadel. When creating a citadel you cannot relax. No person becomes lucky by relaxing. Event managers must always work hard and work smart.

He provides the example to all the people following his orders. He provides the direction and energy to all the people that are working on making events into reality.

An Event like citadel has many elements. The event manager must work hard in checking and ensuring that all the event details are in place.  Failure to check one detail might be costly.

If the event manager works hard there is no doubt he will be lucky. It is like saying that if you want to be lucky and attract luck you must work hard for it. Do not leave getting lucky to chance. Grab it by its neck by working hard.

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