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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I love events.

The many elements of events are simply irresistible. It changes you, the society, the culture, the economy and the country.

Here are the reasons why I love Events.

E – Energy

The pulsating energy of people gathering and talking is a great sight to see. There are a lot of emotions going around. In Exhibition, business transactions are changing at a fast pace. This movement creates a tidal wave of change in business and economy.

V – Visitors

Visitors are the reason the events are created. All the preparations are meant to satisfy the visitors of the event. This is the reason I always put them on top of the list when we start in creating events.

E - Experience

In events, we create an experience. Most are branded experience so that a particular concept or product can create a connection to the intended audience. Experience is what events are all about. We are inspired and changed by the experience we absorbed in all events that we attended.

N – New

We cannot sit on our past successes in the events that we created. Every year the visitors and audience of the events expect something new. This is what keeps us awake at night. Finding new things that we can offer to our loyal and expecting visitors and audience.

T - Technology

The Technology enhances the experience of the visitors. Technology helps in creating the impossible possible. In events, a lot of creativity is crafted in aid of technology. I am always on a look out for new technology that can be used to create an edge to all events that we organize.

S - Social Impact
I remember the first Ad Summit’s TV Ad that posed this question, “ At the end of the day what have we done? “.

Events are created, most of them, for enterprising purposes. However, even if we are driven by profit, the events that we create must also contribute a positive social impact.

Events that create positive social impact live and reside in the hearts and minds of the target visitors and audience.

More and more events will be created this year. It may even exceed what was created last year.

No matter what, I will always look at the EVENTS in the Events that are coming our way

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