How to Knockout Challenges in Events the Pacman Way

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photo from sporteology

As the fight between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather nears, excitement is becoming unbearable to all boxing aficionados. No doubt, this Fight of the Century will leave an indelible mark in the sporting history.

But before watching this fight, you as an event manager and organizer can learn valuable lessons from Pacman on how to knockout event challenges. Here are some of the lessons:

Know Your Strength

Pacman throws a wicked left punch that sent a lot of opponents to the canvass. He knows his strength and so should you. As an event manager, what is your strength is it the conceptualization, planning, actual implementation? Knowing your strengths will give you an advantage in winning clients and projects.

Improve Your Weakness

Pacman used to be a one fisted fighter. Knowing this weakness, with the help of Freddie Roach, Pacman was able to develop his right hand. Having developed the power of his right hand, opponents is finding him more dangerous. Also, this resulted to a lot of victories. In fact, he is the only boxer to win a championship in eight divisions.

As event manager, it is a must that you know your weaknesses. At the same time, it is imperative that you improve these weaknesses if you cannot improve then you must hire people that will complement you and obliterate these points that make accomplishing your tasks difficult.

Be Relentless

Inside the ring, Pacman is relentless in pursuing his opponent. Some of his opponents commented that they felt overwhelmed, making them unable to execute their game plan.

As an event manager, you must be relentless in checking every detail of your events. You must relentlessly think ahead (advance thinking or proactive) on what possible problems might occur and ready solutions to avoid creating wildfires of problems.

Being relentless meant having sleepless nights, being paranoid on unlikely situations that might occur, and creating systems and redundancy to ensure all grounds are covered in your events.

Be Humble

Despite being successful, Pacman remains humble. This trait made him won the hearts of a lot of people all over the world. The intoxicating effect of success never enters his mind. He remains firmly rooted on the ground.

As event manager, you must also remain humble. The success of your past events does not guarantee success of your current and future events. You can never boast your past accomplishments, it must only serve as inspiration that you can make the impossible possible.

Embracing humbleness as a trait will allow you to learn more and be better for your next project.

Work for Bigger Reason and Deeper Meaning

Pacman never fights for his own pleasure and interest, he always fights with a bigger reason and deeper meaning. He fights for his country. He wants to make the Philippines known and his countrymen proud that they are Filipinos.

As event manager, are you working for a bigger reason or deeper meaning? Are you working for your family, for your society’s betterment, for your country’s growth?

The bigger reason and deeper meaning will make you, as an event manager, more effective and energetic in facing head-on insurmountable challenges. And in terms of success ratio, you will have better winning average in creating events that will make your clients and target audience give you a thumbs-up.

Now that you know the Pacman Way, expect that you will find yourself raising your hands and hearing applause from your clients and target audience.

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