5 Takeaways in the Recent 6th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The 6th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo held last July 17-19, 2015, at Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall brought a lot of lessons that I am now sharing with all of you:

 1. SMEs are Growing

In the various SME expos that we have run for 15 years, I am a witness to the SMEs of our country joining the expo in promoting their products and services. This year, I saw new companies, all with the potential to grow and dominate their respective industries. I have no doubt that the SME growth will continue and will benefit our country further.

2. The expo is still an Effective Promotion Medium

I am an expo organizer and you may say that I may be biased in issuing this statement. But let me start by saying I am challenging the notion of expo effectiveness in relation to the digital explosion. In doing so, I am in a position to decide whether to organize more expo or divert my effort into digital promotion.

However, seeing the results of some of the SMEs joining the event, I am happy to note that face-to-face engagement still has the magic that people can go to in promoting and growing their companies.

3. Live Networking Will Always Be Powerful

I met a lot of new friends at the conference and expo. I know that those new friends I will be able to partner in some future projects, if not I gain and expand my network. The same truth for me is also true for other people that I saw actively networking with other attendees.

 4. Content is the Key

The conferences are well attended. The staff and associations that partnered for these conferences should be credited for ensuring the high turned-out. But I also give credit to the speakers and their wonderful topics. For me, the topics and speakers are the main reason that the event is well attended.

 5. Entrepreneurs are Brave 

I met and talked with some of the budding entrepreneurs that participated in the expo, after our conversations I am encouraged. They have the spirits that move mountains. I guess this affirms the description that entrepreneurs are brave, facing the risks without blinking an eye. Their belief is so strong that they will succeed, sometimes to a fault. But I rather be brave than afraid, and these young entrepreneurs that I have talked with, they are brave and this is what our country needs.

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