3 Lessons I learned from MICE ASIA 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Filipino delegates at the MICE Asia 2015, learning and enjoying the company of each other

Being invited to be a resource speaker in a regional MICE event is a privilege. So when the opportunity came I did not let it pass. For one, my last visit in Singapore was four years ago.

MICE Asia 2015 runs from September 10-11,2015 at Suntec Convention Center. As a speaker and attendee here are my top 3 Lessons in being part of this event.

1.    Apps Takeover

The event partnered with a lot of apps suppliers in order to enhance the delegates and visitors experience. For me, the usage of apps, enhanced this event. In addition, I was able to see a bird’s eye view of what other visitors are doing and sharing in the event.

Among the apps that made good impressions to me are Double Dutch and Jublia.

2.    Learning Happens Anywhere and Everywhere

I enjoyed listening to different speakers and different nationalities. Their perspectives on different MICE elements are very interesting and contributed to my better understanding of this industry. I am already 15 years in this industry and I am still amazed on the learnings that you can generate from other people.

All I can say is that the industry is dynamic, like the tech industry, the change is constant, and sometimes disruptive.

What are these disruptions is another discussion separate from what I am sharing here.

3.    Face-to-face Meeting Will Never Get Obsolete

When I was presenting my videos, the delegates are glued to the screen. I can feel their fascination and agreement with the message of the three last videos that I presented.

When I finished my presentation, many delegates approached me and gave me feedback that they appreciated the videos. In particular, the video about technology is destroying our human connection resonates among all of those that approached me.

In fact, two of the delegates approached me again and engaged me in a one-on-one discussion about my presentation – for me moments like this are precious.

So as I contemplate on what transpired, it taught me that technology would make us do great things faster, but in the events industry, even if we are aiming for quick ROIs, human connection will always play a vital role in clinching business deals and creating future partnerships.

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