5 Lessons on Day 2 of MICECON 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015

The 2nd day of MICECON 2015, an event alongside PHITEX 360, held at the Marriot Grand Ballroom Hotel, continues to be exciting and full of memorable moments. However, as a delegate and moderator, my priority is to learn something new. Here are the 5 top lessons I learned in the 2nd day:

1.    Big Data is Beautiful

Chan Kin Peng, Cofounder of Kasatria talks and showed how information empowers decision-making. This can only be achieved thru the aid of Big Data.

Resources can be efficiently used by using Big Data, either you are in the tourism industry or in other industries.

2.     Sharing Economy

Airbnb and Uber is a buzzword by the speakers and delegates. The sharing economy is on us and it is disrupting all the traditional business models. Not only disruption, but also I believe the proper term to some industries is that sharing economy is causing massive destruction. It feels like we will be missing and seeing the last of some of the industries in the soonest time.

3.    Personalization

We are seeing in the tourism and travel industry what Amazon and Ebay are doing for its clients. The personalization of needs - one-on-one service provided by the power of computing that companies can tap to satisfy travelers.

4.    Google Analytics Rocks, and its Free

I am using Google analytics, but never have I discovered the power of Google Analytics by the examples and case studies showed by an expert during one of the sessions.

You can do a lot of things with this tool that will surely aid you in making a wise decision. But the key takeaways of Google Analytics is it lets you segment and understand better your market and website visitors.

5.    A Satisfied Friend is a Talkative Friend

I admire our Secretary of the Department of Tourism Ramon Jimenez Jr., he is not perfect and I have some issues that I want DOT to address ASAP. However, Sec. Jimenez started a revolution and a vibrant start in reaching our tourism goals. It's More Fun in the Philippines is one of the best tourism campaign, if not the best tourism campaign, of the country, and it is under his belt.

So going back to his closing remarks he focus on being able to provide an experience to our foreign visitors that they can never forget, which should also be the goal of all tourism industry players.

Let us all strive to create a satisfied foreign visitor, because a satisfied foreign visitor is a talkative friend. A talkative friend is our best word of mouth marketing agent; they will and can bring more foreign visitors to our country. These foreign visitors add value to our economy and bring in more jobs.

Someday soon, tourism will not only be 4th in terms of providing income to the country, it can be the first if we will be passionate, disciplines and unified in our actions in selling the country to the world.

* * *

MICECON 2015 formally ends today. Tomorrow PHITEX 360 takes place at the Marriot Grand Ballroom with 200 international buyers meeting 200 Philippine sellers.

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