5 Reasons Why NETWORKING in Events Will Explode Your Professional Growth

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Man is a social animal. This human nature is innate. However, some cannot harness this power because of fear and inferiority.
Most of the fear to approach a stranger are overhyped and unfounded. Inferiority is one the results of this fear. But human nature is amazing and in one flick of a finger you can change your attitude towards yourself, throw the inferiority out of your closet, and create a new you.
Networking at events like in conferences, seminars and exhibition will allow you to explode your professional growth in a level you can never imagine. The professional growth that networking provides are so enormous that you must never miss it.
Man cannot live in an island. This dictum is very true in the business world. So pick up yourself and go out of the world, but most importantly, go our and network using events like seminars, conferences and exhibition as a platform.
Here are reasons why your career will skyrocket when you use networking as a tool.
  1. Finding New Business Connections
 When you network, you will find new business connections that you can never have when you are in your cubicle hammering away with your computer keyboard.
 In events, same minded people attend. When you approach them and get to know them you will be able to identify who among them will be able to form part of your professional growth.
 New business connections open the door to greater possibilities.
 2. Acquire Critical Knowledge and Experience from Your Peers
 When you network and converse with your peers, one of the best results is the acquisition of new knowledge and experience.
 This moment is like a breath of fresh air. It is like running wild and free in a wide expanse of blue water on a beach of pure white sand. I know you know the feeling.
You do not need to touch the fire to know that it is hot and that you get burned, this is what acquiring new knowledge and experiences shared by your peers give you.
  1. Finding Mentors and Business Models
 Everybody needs a hero. No one has the monopoly of great ideas. You are not an exception to this rule. You must accept this fact in order for you to remove the cover and shackles that hamper your growth.
 In networking, conversing and listening to other people old or younger than you will give you one magical benefit that is you will find mentors that inspire you.
 Life is a continuous learning. Even in our deathbed, we will learn a lot of things (I hope I don’t sound morbid or frightened you). The fact is, life is an endless stream of information and transformation.
A chance encounter with our future mentors will allow us to create new business models that will pave the way to a new path that we can trail blaze.
  1. Finding Links to People You Wanted to Connect With
 It is not whom you know, but whom the person you know knows. The reason why networking is such a sharp tool like a samurai that cuts clean even the thinnest pad paper is because the moment you need a link that will enable you to talk to a decision maker that will prove critical in implementing your project, you will be surprised that you will find one.
Scientifically, it is the Kevin Bacon Effect or the Six Degrees of Separation - a brilliant theory that proves that your networking will never be a waste of your precious time.
 But now that you know this rule or that this rule is amplified in your mind, I just have one caveat, that is be a genuine person. Never go out and network for the purpose of creating steps to reach the highest point or the person you wanted to reach, go out and create meaningful relationships.
The point is you can also be a link to a person you have gotten to know in one of your networking activities. You don’t want to feel used do you? Like the person connected with you just so he can talk to the person you know, and after that the person whom you helped just treated you like a total stranger. The feeling is so cold like being alone in the street while the snow is falling and the wind is blowing hard, and cold is like a python that slowly slithers around your frail body, methodically constricting you, until you gasp for air (so dramatic but I just wanted to emphasize a point).
Bottom line, be genuine, and give more to be more. Ask help but be willing and be the first to help.
  1. Enhance Your Personal Brand
 Treat yourself as a corporation. As a corporation, establish your brand. When you are networking, you are provided to have a great platform to promote yourself and your capability.
 Move around the people attending the seminars, conferences and exhibition and present to them your personal brand.
 One of these days, you will receive a call asking for your service, that call is made possible because you have promoted your personal brand during the many networking events you attended.
 The call can be the break you are waiting or the opportunity that you are praying so hard to get. If you have succeeded in getting that break or project, always remember the many enjoyable and adventure filled networking event that you are in. It was in the networking event that you first planted the seed of your success, and prepare, as you look at the huge, robust tree of that success, because later tonight you will now be networking and engaging with the big boys of the industry.
This is how it works - continuous loop of networking and growing your influence and personal brand. Success never rests.
Now that you know the reasons to make your professional development explode to greater heights put down your phone, ready your calling cards, and genuine self, go out and network with the rest of the world.

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