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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The recent Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC 2015) hosted by the Philippines is one of the best MICE events held in the country.

The event proves that the Philippines are one of the best MICE destinations that associations from different parts of the world should consider.

Here are five compelling reasons why APEC 2015 is one of the best MICE events:

1.    A Filipino Showcase of Cultural Entertainment

The cultural entertainment presented by the country is moving and a brilliant display of the heart of the Filipinos.

In particular, the performances in the Welcome Dinner are rich and very colorful, it highlights the talent of the Filipinos.

The singers, dancers and music meld together to convey how wonderful is our culture.

Surely, the head of states and other foreign diplomats attending APEC 2015 are in awe of how wonderful this cultural presentation is.

2.    Accessible and Capable Venues

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) – the first convention center in Asia, World Trade Center (WTC), Mall of Asia Arena are the primary venues used in APEC 2015.

The venues are very accessible and capable to handle a MICE event with the magnitude of APEC 2015.

More than that, the nearness of the two venues is ideal for media, head of states and diplomats when they need to perform their duties and responsibilities that are divided in these venues.

For example, head of states can go in a few minutes from the PICC to WTC when they need to do their press conference.

3. Filipino Awesome Product Exhibition

The products displayed in World Trade Center during the event gave positive feedbacks and business to our local companies.

International guests are impressed by the beautiful intricacies of the designs of the furniture displayed in the exhibition.

At the same time, some enjoyed the food samples that are proudly Philippine Made.

Although, this is not the main focus of APEC 2015, the expo was able to leave an indelible mark to international guests.

No doubt, orders are made during the summit on these quality products.

4. Powerful and Rich Conference Content

President Barack Obama moderating Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and Aisa Mijeno, SALt Founder, Tony Fernandez, Air Asia President, and Dado Banatao, Tech Luminary are some of the best speakers in the conferences of APEC 2015.

The knowledge and experienced shared in the different conferences are enormous and some of the attendees would greatly use these shared knowledge and experiences to their advantage and success.

Indeed, APEC 2015 is one of the best events in terms of providing business and political content that attendees appreciated.

I for one felt lucky just being able to see and learn from these thought leaders.

5. Strong and Successful Security Management

21 Head of States and their entourage attended APEC 2015. In fact, there are around 7,000 foreign delegates and 2,000 international media present in the event.

This is a security nightmare for a country that wanted to ensure the safety of all these leaders and guests.

Add to the fact that recently the Paris Attack and Lebanon Bombing occurred perpetrated by terrorists seeking to create chaos in peaceful countries with the objective of forwarding their inhuman agenda.

Yesterday, the Philippine National Police and other government agencies were embracing after they saw the last plane carrying a head of state flew out of the country.

I share their joy because we as a country were able to ensure the safety and security of our guests.

Safety and security is first and foremost in all MICE events. If the organizer can ensure that from the start up to the end of the event, it will leave a very positive image to the attendees.

The Philippines was able to prove that as a country hosting APEC 2015 we are capable and competent.

The Philippines and the local MICE organizers proved that we could handle any event with the magnitude like that of APEC 2015.

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