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Monday, December 28, 2015

Three days before the year 2015 says goodbye. In the event management or MICE industry, as where Exlinkevents are competing and making its mark, a lot of lessons are learned that make the organization mature and grow.

Here are some of the lessons learned in 2015: 

1.  International Competition is Here

Gone are the days you are competing with local exhibition and convention organizers, the international exhibition and convention organizers are here knocking on our doors and slowly making their presence felt.

We just have to be prepared and smart in facing their strategic moves.

2. Some PR and Travel and Tour companies are shifting to exhibition and convention organizing

The competition becomes stiffer and exciting as some of the local PR companies try their hands on exhibition and convention organizing.

This trend was once true to wedding suppliers who entered exhibition organizing.

One explanation is that PR companies that do not have digital expertise are losing their accounts to digital agencies where some companies are diverting their promotion efforts.

3. Millennials must be managed creatively

A lot of Millennials wanted to be part of the industry. However, most of them have a short view of their careers inside the industry. Most wanted a quick gratification and dream of immediately being the head or owner of their own event management companies.

The challenge now for the old guards like me is to harness their aggressiveness and create a social culture that will redirect their energy to a more productive path. And if they are ready to take the leadership mantle, give them the opportunity to be the leader they wanted to be.

But first things first, implement and nurture the social culture and values that will make them a better leader.

4.    Loyal Customers will remain loyal so long as you offer value

Exlinkevents has a lot of successful business events this year. The main success drivers are the loyal customers. But they are loyal customers because we have successfully given them value that will help them move forward their objectives.

In addition, the staff that service them make sure their other needs are also provided.

5.    Technology is enhancing the business events experience of the customers

We have introduced some technological innovation in the business events that we do. The results are very positive not only to the clients, but to the attendees of our events.

Some of the benefits of the technology are engagement, speed and data mining.

I believe next year, more technological advances will be created and we have no choice but to introduce it to our business events.

Event Management in 2015 is a roller coaster ride. It is challenging, fun and exciting. There are some imminent threats but there are also a very wide space of opportunities that companies like Exlinkevents can take advantage in order to grow further and make an economic contribution not only to the clients it is serving but to the country as a whole.

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