Experience Versus Event

Friday, January 15, 2016

More industry players are supplanting the word event to experience. Their shifting of gears is valid. For distinction, let us use by ckwrites.com:

Event marketing is a one-to-many experience.
  • The audience is invited because they have common elements in their profile. 
  • They experience the event as a group, simultaneously.
  • The event, which is much more about the content than the gag, continues to influence over time.
  • Typically an important component of the event is press coverage which provides reach.
  • Increasingly, individual audience members share their experiences with peers, partners and prospects further extending the reach of the event.

Experiential marketing is a one-to-one experience.
  • Each person has an individual experience
  • Because the experience only exists in the moment, it must be continuously        recreated.
  • The memory of the experience is amplified by sharing with like-minded individuals. 

With the aid of technology, Experience is becoming more possible and a better proposition compared to the event. The personalization catering to a particular individual is within reach, and provides better results to companies branding and bottomline objectives.

However, the danger is using and claiming that what you are offering is experience wherein fact it is just the same traditional event.

Here are 5 Core attributes of Experiential Marketing according to Heidi Cohen, a marketing expert famous for her Actionable Marketing Guide.

*  Relatable – target audience must be able to relate to what you are presenting.

* Contextual - The use of connected devices locates your potential customer in space and time. This translates to the need to create social media and content marketing that’s contextually relevant to where your prospect is and what he or she is doing.

Emotionally Relevant - In the process of experiencing your brand, potential buyers connect emotionally with your products and services.

*Talkworthy - prospects and customers talk passionately about your offering creating word-of-mouth both in real life and on social media platforms.

*Social Worthy - With the increased ownership and use of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, consumers are more able to enhance and share their product experiences. In the process, they can gather additional product information, capture images and videos, connect with family, friends and colleagues, and share their opinions via social media. 

Having presented the basic elements of experience, the challenges now for event organizers are how to be experience organizers. A good challenge that if done correctly will transform the organizers organization and endear them to the hearts of the clients.

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