6 Ways in Events that Will Turbo Charge Your Brand

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

We wanted to have a head start against our competition this year. As we are already settled with our targets and forecasts for the year, we look for better ways to make our brands better than our competition.

Events are a vital component of your brand strategy. Events make your brand human in relation to your target market.

Here are 6 ways to turbo charge your brand using events as a vehicle.

Exhibition Participation

Exhibition is a trade event that you cannot and must not overlook. As part of your event mix, exhibition will allow you talk to serious buyers of your products and services.

But be sure that your exhibit space stands-out. For one, exhibition is a marketplace, inside it are other competing exhibitors trying to grab the same target market you have in mind.

There are a lot of success stories and case studies that reveal how exhibition was able to generate tremendous growth in the branding and bottom line objectives of the company.

Trained Event Brand Ambassadors

The name of the game is making your brand humans, something all of us can connect. The connection is our ultimate goal. Trained Event Brand Ambassadors can help you make your objectives achievable.

Trained Brand Ambassadors that roam around events and places allow your brand to interact with your target consumers. It is like your brand speaking to these people and these people being able to understand and feel your brand better.

Results – a smashing successful year for your brand.

Conference Participation

The Conference is a venue for transfer and sharing of knowledge. But the best part of a conference is the networking that takes place. Imagine yourself in the middle of a crowd that you can identify yourself. Like-minded people who you can be able to bounce ideas on how to further improve and enhance your brand.

Sounds amazing right?

Of course, it is amazing so do not lose the chance to be a participant of the right conferences for you.

Speaking Opportunities

It is time that the public knows your story and with it the brands that you are managing or nurturing to grow.

To be a speaker is to be a thought leader, leaders create followers intentional or unintentional.

Have you ever thought (pun unintended) about the possibilities that awaits if the public generate an affinity to your ideas and follow your lead?

Your growth as a thought leader is directly proportional to the brands that you are nurturing. So get out there and carry a big and loud microphone and be a thought leader for your band's sake.

Unique Experience

Have you been part of any brand event that are very different and that provided you an experience that you can never forget, an event that will be forever tattooed in your heart and mind.

If you have experienced it in some of the events you have attended, it is time for your to create your own unique brand event that offers a unique experience that will be a source of attraction and inspiration and that will forever endear your brand to your target consumer.


Everybody loves to have something for free. Everybody will give his or her time and effort to have that FREE Stuff if that stuff offers a value.

It is time to integrate this strategy to your event; Freemium is a feel good strategy that also provides additional intrinsic value after the event has ended.

Imagine seeing the soft and wonderful designed T-shirts that you gave being worn by a mall-goer one month after your event. Think about seeing the wonderful bags that you gave being carried two to three months after your event.

This is free advertising that catches the minds of those closely related to the one wearing or carrying the premium stuff you provided.

In Conclusion

It is getting exciting for the brands to have landmark events and to maximize these events to further enhance the brands by using the 6 turbo charged ways to enhance your brands thru event discussed in this article.

Events are a very effective tool in branding. If you have a deeper appreciation of the impact of events and you use these event strategies I will have to congratulate you as early as now because there is no way you cannot be successful this year.

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