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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fresh graduates flooded our office when we announced our need for staff. We have already filled our need for fresh graduates to be part of our team. However, we still need people that will form part of our leadership bench.

Yes, you heard it right, we are now looking for Event Project Officers. These are the following requirements for you to be qualified as one of our Event Project Officers:

- Results Driven,
- With Planning Skills,
- With Sales Experience in Events, or any Sales related industry,
- Handling Similar capacity in previous work
- Has handled supervisory sales and marketing functions
- 28-35 yrs. Old

 Being an Event Project Officer is a fulfilling job. The job demands you to be entrepreneurial and allows you to handle big projects.

Not only it is financially rewarding, it is also rewarding in terms of your personal growth as you test your self-worth by implementing big projects and ensuring that it is profitable.

Of course, besides the financial incentives, you also get to enjoy the travel incentives dependent on your achievement level.

So what are you waiting for! Call us at Tel.no. 633-0153 | 643-3887 and email us at info@exlinkevents.com.

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