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Monday, February 08, 2016

Are you looking to have a fulfilling career? Do you want a job that will allow you to stretch your abilities and expand your personal growth? If you are saying YES to these, event management is for you.

Joining an event management company is a life changing experience. For one, you will be required to work with different kinds of people. This means your COMMUNICATION SKILLS will be enhanced.

Often times, successful event management professionals are EXCELLENT COMMUNICATORS.

Communication is the key to make any projects or events successful. How to deal effectively with people involves different ways of communication.

Besides communication, you will be able to further improve your SOCIAL SKILLS. Social skill is a precious skill that will enable you to have the success you desire, most especially in the event management industry.

While you develop these two skills, you are also developing your NEGOTIATION SKILLS. If you will master the Art of Negotiation, your success is almost guaranteed.

The Art of Negotiation makes a lot of things possible and profitable. If you will learn how to negotiate with your clients and suppliers you will be able to smoothly navigate your career in the event management industry.

Another important skill that you will acquire is SELLING. The world is made up of selling. Every day you sell, you are not just conscious that you are doing it.

In the event management industry, you will be tasked to find clients or sell sponsorships.

According to Daniel Pink, author of the famous book To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, he said,
“A few of us are extraverts. A few of us are introverts. But most of us are ambiverts, sitting near the middle, not the edges, happily attuned to those around us. In some sense, we are born to sell.” 

The beauty of selling is within your fingertips should you decide to enter the event management industry. Best of all, unlimited commissions and incentives are also waiting for you, should you learn and excel in selling your events to potential sponsors and exhibitors.

There will be a lot of skills that you will acquire in entering the exciting world of event management, but LEADERSHIP is one of the best skills that you will be able to develop in entering this exciting world.

LEADERSHIP is an art and a skill that you will be able to have when you give your heart to the event management industry.

As you move the success ladder of the event management industry, your leadership skill becomes better.

Imagine being able to implement different types of events and projects because of your leadership, I guarantee you that the fulfillment that you will derive from it is immense. In fact, your ability to create and make things that satisfies others may be one of the best gifts you can share to the society.

But there maybe one question that you wanted to know before you make your shift to event management. The question is does the pay good in the event management industry? The answer is a resounding YES if you will work hard and become excellent in this field.

The wage may be equal to other industries, but the commissions and incentives that you will get for delivering results are way beyond the other industries. You can have an annual commission of P100, 000.00 at the minimum, but then again, let me emphasize, this is based on your capacity to perform and achieve the results expected.

In addition, you can travel to different places because of your work, and experience the different hotels and venues.

Are you now ready to shift?

I have no doubt that you are ready to shift, but before you do that, let me remind you that the perks and other good things about being part of the event management industry will always entail that you work hard and smart. Before you shift, you must always put it upon yourself that you will continuously improve and be better.

If you are nodding in agreement, then by all means jump and experience the magical world of event management.


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