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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The event management industry is alive and kicking. A lot of companies in the Philippines are creating events to engage their target consumers, and rightfully so. Events are one of the best ways to connect and create a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Here are five awesome tips if you are managing or implementing event campaigns:

1.    Know the Objectives

Often times we create an event for the sake of creating it, or we create an event for no reasons at all. Remember that events must forward the company's objectives. In most cases, it is all about AIDAR (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action or Purchase and Repeat Purchase).

If you are event marketer, always remember the bottom line of events is to spur sales growth of your clients’ companies.

2. Know the Scope of Work

The agreed scope of work will allow you to focus your energy on what matters most. Not knowing the scope of work puts you in a no-win situation. At the same time, budgets are always limited and without the scope of work, you are in danger of going beyond the budget and losing profit. This is a very bad situation to be in.

3. Have a signed contract

Just recently, I had a small chat with a long time friend in the industry. She told me a horror story about a client who blames her for a key result area she is not responsible in her event servicing. The consequence was that she was not paid for some areas of her work.

Technically speaking, she can file a case against the client and she will win, the problem is she has no signed contract. She took the job based on her trust and zealousness to earn. But the client has poor values and now it’s too late for her to understand the implication of dealing with a shady client.

4.    Have a Competent Supplier

You have the skills in event management, but you don’t have competent suppliers, and that will give you a lot of headache.

No matter how good you and your event management company if you do not have the right suppliers for the job, you are bound to experience a lot of glitches and blunders.

So right now, always choose your suppliers, make them part of your team. Create a power team as you become more experienced and accumulate a lot of suppliers in your different events.

Eventually, you will have a powerful team capable to handle any event challenges and produce excellent works.

5. Be passionate with your craft

Event management is a serious profession. You can never be perfect, and there is always room for improvement. This is an industry that is in constant flux. You always have to be on your toes.

You will never stay longer in this industry if you do not have the passion to be in this industry. For all the difficult clients, sleepless nights, missed meals, and overlooked critical details of your events – all these pressure pack micro moments, if you do not have the passion, you will easily give-up. But if you have the passion, you will have the will to survive and come-out victorious in the field of event management.

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