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Saturday, April 16, 2016

So you want to break into the event management industry. You envision yourself taking part in this very exciting industry.

In your mind, the school events that you are involved in are enough to push you inside the event management industry.

In your mind, given an ample time you will be able to head or implement the event of your dreams.

But surprisingly, after being hired, you find yourself that what you envision is different from what you are currently doing and experiencing.

Reality Bites!

These scenes are repeated over and over again from applicants who thought that event management industry is easy and that the school event projects are very much the same from the events outside the schools.

Here are 5 insider tips to avoid being shocked, when you enter the event management industry.

1. Make Sure You Are Willing to Do Hard work

You are an officer in your school, and you are used to delegating tasks to your peers. For you, the stress of studying and passing your subjects and the successful implementation of your school events to which you headed are more difficult than events outside the school.

Indeed, it is logical, you are now a professional and more focused on performing your job than you are when you are still in the school.

But being part of an event management industry, and as a rookie, you will be given multiple tasks, and sometimes, it has profit implications. If you do wrong your event company can lose big money.

Having said this, make sure you are willing to work hard, and work long hours daily in order to perform your functions.

At the same time, make sure you can see yourself doing this day-in, day-out for many years because stamina is very important in being inside the event management industry.

2. Make Sure You Love Learning

Often times, students who graduated stopped learning. If you happen to enter the event management industry, never stop learning.  Learn different subject areas. This will enrich you and help your clients arrive at creative solutions.

I have a lot of staff that stopped learning. Predictably, they are all gone with our organizations. Event Management is an evolving industry. Be sure to learn everyday and learn a lot of subject matter.

In addition, when the honeymoon period is gone and you now face event management as a constant companion it becomes a grind that can tire you if you will fail to learn or find something new with your tasks.

3. Make Sure You Love Interacting with People

You must love interacting with people. You are always working with teams, talking with clients, partners and suppliers.

If you love working alone, the event management industry is not for you. If you don’t want coordinating and communicating with people every moment of your work, this event management industry is not for you.

Lastly, even if you are on a rest day, people will call you up on certain event management matters, so always be ready to communicate and interact with them. After all, if you have an event, you are expected to work and be available 24/7.

4. Make Sure You are Results Oriented

Don’t confuse activity for results”, this is according to the famous coach John Wooden.

Always be results oriented, not activity oriented. Your supervisors wanted results and, with their experience, know whether you are just pretending to be busy or delivering the expected results.

Lastly, avoid Excusitis – a disease where a person always makes excuses for not performing their tasks.

If you are this person, you will never be successful in the event management industry or frankly, you have no right to be in this industry.

5. Make Sure You are Selfless

Event Management is a service industry. If you are selfish and don’t care for the people around you or with your clients, you will not be able to perform your functions well.

If you are after the money and the perks of event management, you will not be able to enjoy or have more of it if you don’t care with the well being of your organization, clients, suppliers and teammates.

In the event management industry, to be more, you have to do more.

In Conclusion

Event Management Industry is a serious industry and only people that possess passion, selflessness, love for social interaction, results-oriented and love for learning can become successful and deserve to inside the industry.

These people are also the future owners and leaders of the event management industry.

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