Three simple reasons why your business should join the 2016 Customer Love Fest

Friday, May 13, 2016

"2016 is the year of the customer." This is how Forbes contributor, customer service and experience expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken describes the start of this year, as customers, smartphones and big data get smarter. 

In this fast-paced economy, most people nowadays appreciate the value of rewards programs - and with the advent of popular loyalty systems today, innovation leads others to follow and try to break the current trends of this industry.

This is where the 2016 Customer LoveFest comes in. As the first of its kind in the country, the Customer LoveFest is divided into two parts - the Customer Experience Management Conference and the Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo. This event is a learning opportunity for those who are in the fields of customer service and customer experience.

There are three simple reasons why you need to take part of this annual conference:

  1. Meet like-minded professionals who are working in the field of customer service and related fields, as well as executives from various companies. This event gathers businesses who are seeking to improve their systems and methods in retaining customers and building brand loyalty.
  2. Know the best practices in running Customer Loyalty Programs and Customer Experience Management. From branding to the digital economy, new innovations in customer love are popping up, so as a business, you need to gain knowledge on how brands have implemented effective strategies to keep your current and incoming customers happy.
  3. Be ahead of everyone else. There are companies in the retail industry who have implemented their customer loyalty systems thanks to the knowledge they got form the Customer Love Fest.

Take a look at the highlights of last year's LoveFest:

The Customer Love Fest will happen at the New World Makati Hotel this October 21 to 22, 2016.

This event is produced and organized by Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corporation, a business organizer in the Philippines. For more information, call telephone numbers 633-01-53, 643-38-87, mobile number 0920-981-4376 or send an email at 

Ex-Link Events is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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