Condo builders now sell units with a bonus

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

It's the year 2016. Condominiums are booming around the metro and nearby areas, and one of the challenges that marketers are having is how to actually sell the units. The tried-and-tested method of setting up booths in high-traffic locations are still applicable but yet ignored, and so they thought of other ideas to make sealing deals easier.

There are major condominium developers that are including the "Experience" vibe in their methods, wherein they invite potential buyers to dinners, and even concerts - a major developer has done a concert with a notable singer-songwriter, in fact.

By applying the "Experience," these developers are making the buyers more enticed to buy a condominium unit from them. There is no public information on how effective this method is, but this innovation aims to expand the target market by providing something that is unique and bundling it with the elevator pitch of selling a condo unit.

Notable, there are two developers that are doing this out front, and we are expecting other developers to follow suit.

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