We Can All Be Michael Phelps

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Photo Source : Indian Express

Michael Phelps will walk in the pantheon of the Olympic history as a hero that we will all look up and celebrate every time the conversation goes at the direction of sports and the Olympics.

But his story is not all about roses, he too, in a recent documentary, has a demon to conquer and needed the support of friends and families in order to get back right on track.

 In the events industry, we can all learn and be inspired at what Michael Phelps has accomplished.

We can learn from his perseverance, dedication and passion for the craft that he loves. We all agree that where we are right now, in the events industry, our love is immense.

If Michael Phelps enjoys the cheering and adulation of the fans, we, at our industry, enjoy the tap on our shoulder, smiles on the faces of our clients and the many thank you we are showered by our suppliers, staff and clients.

We all can be Michael Phelps in our own little universe, and if you think it is impossible, you can always look at Michael Phelps achievement and great character to stir your dying embers, and get that prized gold medal in our field – the event management industry.

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