What does this "This series is made in the PHL" meme tell us?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

If you have been glued to the internet during the long weekend, you should relate well to this post: Clips from various series playing to the tune of Gary Valenciano's rendition of Sugarfree's "Wag ka nang Umiyak" have been sprouting online, and the viral meme has left most series unscathed - Spider Man, How I Met Your Mother, so on and so forth. (If you haven't watched these series before, we'll warn you of spoilers right now.)

We laughed (and cried, or rather, cried laughing) at these videos, but what does this "If X is made in the Philippines" are trying to say? We love telenovelas. Which way you want to see it, we love doing our primetime habit. Even if most are disappointed with the state of prime time television (as evidenced by the gaffe between the head writer of a major TV station against those who are claiming that the station's upcoming series resembles an adaptation made overseas, this and that), we cannot deny that this prime time habit has a majority target audience who are OK to see the typical TV tropes over and over again.

Just few years ago, most of our local telenovelas talked about infidelity, and we got tired of it eventually. This year, trend is more into romance and youth. Truly, Filipinos are romantic.

Notice the difference between the series that have been parodied in the videos above - they play the same song in the end, but they have different outcomes. You can say that the memes reflect how monotonous the prime time business in our country is; or how unoriginal we are, but on the other hand, the people who created these videos have their creativity intact, and are just waiting for someone to think of better ideas through these.

Customer Experience is not an "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing - experiences wind down eventually, and once the experience winds down to a monotonous level, it's up for the creatives to build another kind of experience. This applies to the entertainment industry as well, though we don't recognize this at face value.

To sum it up, here's the takeaway from this narrative: Most of us love telenovelas, but the concepts can wind down, so it's up to the creative minds to come up with different experiences so as the audience won't get tired and bored watching at night.

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