What visitors need to understand about making events?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

There are lots of events in the country covering spectra such as entertainment (concerts and contests, etc) and business (trade fairs and exhibitions, etc.), but there's one common ground for any kind of event: These may change all of a sudden.

We have here Bruce, who is an example of an event organizer. He, along with his team, has been formulating the program for their event as far as a year before the exact date. However, there are many adjustments that they have to take note of. These may include last-minute cancellations for guests, contests and activities, rescheduling of program activities, so on and so forth.

Bruce manages a concert that is long-awaited by enthusiasts of smooth jazz, especially those of the overseas guest/s that have been invited. One day, the specific guest had to postpone his appearance - this will make some fans sad as they had filed their leaves prior to the date of his appearance (considering that even some still have work on the weekends).

Luckily, this was just a reschedule, but what if the guest did cancel his appearance? That will definitely take a toll on Bruce, as he has to cancel the guest's round-trip plane tickets, hotel bookings, so on and so forth. This also affects their ticket sales - so much that they can refund the visitors who paid for the concert just to see the guest.

The next course for Bruce is to fill in the void that the overseas guest has left. Luckily, he was able to fill in the void by getting more local jazz artists, and while the anticipation of the concert did went down, Bruce was able to position it to a different niche, delving more into showcasing the local jazz scene instead of having just one big jazz concert.

What visitors should understand about events organizing? There are sudden changes that can hurt the fans and the organizers altogether. Now, even if Bruce was able to mitigate a flop, what will happen in next year's event? They will go back from the drawing board, picking up the pieces from what has happened and then prepare the next format for another one.

Change is constant, and this is really reflected on the event industry, no matter where you go. This hard yet exhilarating events industry is truly wonderful.

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