What to Expect in this year's Customer Loyalty Conference?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The 2016 Customer Love Fest will come in just three days, and to give you a sneak peek at this year's event, we would like to share to you a few words that can sum this up:
  • Personal Image. How personal image can affect Customer Loyalty and Rewards?
  • Implementation. What are the best practices in Customer Loyalty and Rewards?
  • Competition. Check your Customer Loyalty and Rewards program to see if it still stands out
  • Transformation. What are the benefits of Customer Loyalty, Rewards and Engagement programs for your business? 
  • Age of Customer. How do you keep up in today's age where Customer Loyalty and Rewards are much valuable as ever? 
  • Customer Expectations. What do you need to know about Customer Expectations and how it should bring up your company's next program?
The 2016 Customer Love Fest will be held at the New World Makati Hotel this October 20-21, 2016. Contact 633-0153, 643-3887, 0920-981-4376 or email info@exlinkevents.com for more info.

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