3 Reasons Why You Must Shop for Business this December

Friday, December 09, 2016

Filipinos are used to spending a big amount of money shopping gifts and other material things to celebrate Christmas.

The setback is that after the holiday season, most of Filipinos ended being broke or swamped with loans that they took just to celebrate the season.

According to Statista, an online portal, the Philippine retail sales growth this year is around 5.2% or $140.49 Billion (USD).

This growth number shows that the consumer behavior of the Filipinos on shopping and holiday season spending will continue or even grow as the year goes by.

Having learned this, most especially, if you have the money this season and wanted to avoid the usual after holiday predicament why not shop for business instead of material things?

Here are the three reasons why you must shop for business this season:

1.    Your money will grow

Shopping for business this Christmas season will allow you to grow your money. A business that you know how to operate will give you a substantial profit.

The Profit will churn new profit until it becomes a profit-producing machine.

One OFW Entrepreneur success story is the story of Imelda Ahalul Dagus. She was an OFW for 16 years and when she came back in the Philippines, she chose to be an entrepreneur and decided to grow Dennis Coffee – a coffee shop started by her grandmother in Patikul, Sulu in 1962.

Her jump to entrepreneurship is made possible by her determination to grow her money and become an entrepreneur.

2.    You will achieve financial freedom

Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom. If you will shop for business this Christmas, you are taking a giant step towards financial freedom.

If the business you shopped this Christmas is a turnkey business that can provide you profit monthly or annually, you will be able to achieve the financial freedom that you wanted to have.

The best course of action towards financial freedom is by starting a business. Your business will allow you as the owner to save funds and allocate some of it in business expansion.

3.    You will profit instead of being a mere spender during the shopping season

As stated during the start of this article, the retail growth of the Philippines is high. Before you became an entrepreneur, you always spend and give your money to other businessmen.

Now that you are a businessman, you are now part of their group that makes a lot of money during this season.

Is this a great situation to be in or not?

You bet you are right that this is a better situation than before. This great situation started when you shopped for business this year.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are finding it difficult where to start you may want to visit OFW SME Business Christmas Expo, December 21-23, 2016 at Megatrade, SM Megamall.

Happy shopping for your new business!

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