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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

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The year 2016 showed a lot of great upheavals in the world and the Philippine society. The business event management industry is not spared.

The social media and the digital world explosion is evident that things will never be the same.

Here are some of the trends that we will have to watch this coming 2017 in the business event management industry.

1. Emphasis on Social Media Promotions

The reach and the affordability of the social media platform allowed it to be the top priority of event management professionals in promoting their events.

High budget or low budget, it will not matter because social media is a great equalizer. Social media will further allow event management professionals and event producers to talk to their target market and reach more of them.

2. Technology for Greater Engagement and Entertainment

Amidst the technological breakthroughs, there are things that remain constant. This is the desire and need of the audience and attendees to be engaged and entertained.

In branding, the brand is the king and event is the queen. Event management professionals and corporate event planners always aspire to give the brand to the audience and let them experience it first hand.

This year, technology will further enhance this experience and push the boundaries in creating unique entertainment and deeper engagement.

3. Offline Interactions become paramount

Humans will be humans. We love to talk and be given an arena where we can freely talk and get to know each other.

Some conferences and expos took greater time and effort to create such an arena. Bringing back the magic that was lost or covered by heaps of technology and innovation that is the powerful magic of human interaction.

We will see more of this, and event management professionals that are able to create more of this in their events will have greater success.

4. Green takes center stage

The clamor for responsible management of events by taking into bigger consideration the care of Mother Nature will bring into life more earth friendly event products, processes and systems.

Clients will put more emphasis on them and give this aspect more gravity in their decision-making.

We will see more innovations on this aspect in the event management industry.

5. New Industry Expos and Conferences will be Created

The age of disruption will be pretty obvious in the event management industry as we are treated with new concepts in expos and conferences that we never thought possible.

This new industry expo and conferences are great indicators of how constant are changing and how the use of new knowledge is the key to being successful in this exciting industry.

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