Are you relying on new technology too much for your sales tasks?

Monday, January 23, 2017

It's 2017, and artificial intelligence is becoming the norm. When a potential client or customer first contacts your company through Facebook or email, they want fast response - they did get one, in the form of canned messages.

These simple things matter, and they add value to the interaction with the client. There are far advanced technologies for customer interaction being built (or already built), and it's enticing to integrate it into your (or your company's) process, but should we rely on these new tech to close deals?


Sales is also Customer Service; and in Customer Service, nobody wants to talk to robots. In that sense, while we don't say technology is bad (it's very helpful, that's true), we shouldn't rely on technology 100% to close deals.

Technology's there to help you be productive. Don't let them take over your work. This is the reason why we're human - and even if we find a way to make robots feel human, it still feels better talking to a fellow human than a robot.

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