Is your sales team feeling down lately? They can rise again!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We've just had the Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines, where Miss France Iris Mittenaere is crowned in the pageant's 65th run. While most of us are focusing on the top 13 or top 9 to top 5, we are focusing on the host of the pageant itself - Steve Harvey, who had a blunder last year, has redeemed itself and "got it right" this time.

Everyone has had its gaffes, and some were worse; like that one time your sales team didn't get the quota. Especially that one. While you do not want to look at the failure, it still hits everyone hard, as if they had no hope of getting through the rest of the quarter. Worse, some of your team members may take the job that they are having for granted.

If you, your team members or the team as a whole are experiencing these, it's time to take a break and think: What could have been done better? What could have been halted? Do we need an "escape plan" now? You can think of your happiness at work first, then after you learn through the next action plan that you and your team had set, work on it.

Steve Harvey was able to rise through the miss that he had, albeit nervous, through the right plan and a funny attitude. Notice that he made this year's pageant livelier. You can do that too, and your team can get back on its feet.

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