The death of Vine is yet another lesson in innovation

Friday, January 20, 2017

Last October 2016, Vine, a division of Twitter, has announced that it's shutting down this January. Vine, who made a name for its six-second video rule, has been a home to a lot of great funny videos from the common folk. Vine also gave birth to one of the most talked-about viral curators on Facebook, Filipino Vines.

The death of Vine is yet another lesson in innovation - yes, you have a great product that people use, but will people use it in the near future?

Considering the changing landscape of online video that shifts to mobile use, Vine got stuck in its features so much that it wasn't able to withstand itself through the times - once your competitor extends your app's limits, and both of you are offering the same experience, it's your move or you're toast.

Setting aside the reason that Twitter, Vine's mother company, is struggling to be financially sufficient, the people who had their fame on Vine had jumped to other platforms due to their additional features, which in turn leaves advertisers no choice but to un-follow Vine as well.

Now that the Vine app has become the Vine Camera, people are still able to make 6-second videos and save it to their phone for sharing online. Thanks Vine for letting people be creative with your platform, and we're looking forward for more quick videos online through your Vine Camera.

( screencap taken from Vine)

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