How to speed up your selling time?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Heads up for everyone in Sales - we all have goals. Your manager has goals, your colleague, has goals, you have your own goals.

When there are goals, there are deadlines; but what if you have your deadline, you have your client, and your client was thinking so long that you might lose the opportunity to close the deal with them? Here's our tips on closing that deal fast:
  • Constantly update them. Oftentimes, you need to get in touch with them so that they can remember you - a simple SMS or email update can do.
  • Let your voice heard. Sometimes, SMS and email are not enough, so try to call them through landline or mobile while they're in office.
  • Offer something new. Constant updating is not enough - consider as well giving them offers so they don't get bored with all the chit-chat you're doing. People like something new in every conversation.
A sense of urgency is needed to make those deals close, but let's not forget not to look and act like a salesperson because chances are that may diss off your potential client and get the deal on rock bottom. When all else fails and the deal didn't close off, move on fast and move towards the next target.

If you do not want to have failed deals though, you might be interested in our offering: The Sales Leadership Masterclass with International Sales Expert and Author Tom Abbott. We will be bringing in Tom from Canada to Manila to share his strategies in effective selling to help prepare sales teams to lead in their respective fields. Top companies want to learn from the expert, and yours should also learn from him, too.

The Sales Leadership Masterclass will be held at the Tower Club Makati this Friday, March 31, 2017. Reserve your seats now by calling Ex-Link at (02) 633-0153 or 643-3887, SMS 0920-981-4376 or email

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