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Thursday, March 02, 2017

The event management industry is an ocean. If you are planning to enter the industry you should be aware of the different events. After gaining awareness through research and exposure, it is time for you to decide where you would like to place yourself or your company in this challenging but exciting industry.

Why choose a niche?

You need to focus. Having a focus will give you an unfair advantage. In addition, as a brand you will establish a specialization that you and you alone can own. If you do well or aspire to be the best in that specialization, you can establish a brand that will always be on top of the minds of your target market.


There are some basic events where you can choose to focus your energy.
Social events that includes:
  • Weddings
  • Bridal and baby showers
  • Theme parties
  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Milestone anniversaries and birthdays

Corporate events that includes:
  • Corporate Launches
  • Awarding Ceremonies
  • Christmas Party
  • Below-the-line promotions

In Corporate events there is also the MICE component:
  • Meetings like shareholder meetings, etc.
  • Incentive Travel
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Exhibitions

Time to take action

Everything starts when you decided to take that one step. Exlinkevents is now on its 17 years in the MICE event management industry. Recently, we have been recognized as the Best Events Management Industry in the country.

We can’t have this recognition if we have not decided to start and be the best that we can be in our chosen specialization.

So choose your niche, work hard, stay focused and earn the fruits of your labor.

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