I survived one week of events. Am I an event professional now?

Thursday, April 06, 2017

There are stories of people who work on events for three days and even up to a week, but does that make them event professionals? In a way, yes, but if you think about it further, maybe not. Why so?

Each event are not the same, and each event don't have the same approach.

Event professionals encounter different clients with different tastes. One client's preference may not apply over the other, and more often they need out-of-the-box ideas, which will then require event managers to think, think and think over the concept the clients wish to realize.

One misconception about event management is that they're doing the same thing all over again every year. As stated above, clients ask for out-of-the-box ideas to make their events more vibrant and not dull.

Event professionals take years - years - to learn their work; and yet they're still prone to mistakes.

Even the best of the best event managers make miscalculations on what to do, and if they are the only one in a team with the know-how and they made a mistake, that mistake will be like a domino effect that will fall over the team to troubleshoot within a specified deadline.

Trends do change for better or for worse.

As with the economy, trends in event management change - the preference of the customers and clients change. One day, they will pick the newest pop song in the market, the next day they will revert back to a retro hit. In this regard, history does repeat itself, and it's up to the event pros to ride the waves to keep themselves afloat.

Above all else, one does not simply become an event pro. Moreover, event pros still need to face challenges; but this time, they have the know-how and the possible outcomes and strategies to make things move faster. There's more to event management than just pre-prod, prod and post-prod, you know?

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