Innovation Master Class: What can we learn from Innovative Trendsetters?

Monday, April 10, 2017

An average telco launched its mobile division and offered unlimited calls and SMS to its network of users for a decent price - in the world's SMS capital we call the Philippines, this is a big deal - and so its user base expanded.

An airline company offered low-cost fares, which includes the basic flight fare and nothing else. While there's less features in it, those who are on a shoestring still hopped on to the offer.

An inventor has learned the way to flash-fry noodles for later consumption, and the by-product of the said method is everywhere, saving hungry stomachs from starvation.

Why are we telling these brief stories? These are the ones who has set the trend in their respective industries. They innovated through sheer thinking, and they succeeded in getting the attention they need. Your company can also experience this.

Now, if you are struggling to think of innovative concepts, now's the time to check out the Innovation Master Class which will share to us the ropes of design thinking.

The Innovation Masterclass will be held at the Tower Club Makati this June 23. The seats are up and ready to be filled with teams who are eager to integrate design thinking to their decision-making process, so don't miss out.

Call Ex-Link at +63 (2) 633-0153 or 643-3887; SMS +63 920 924 2532 or +63 920 981 4376; email or message us at @exlinkevents on your Facebook Messenger for more inquiries.

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