Design Thinking transcends ALL industries

Friday, May 12, 2017

Did you know that before it reached the fame it has now, design thinking was just a term used to describe what architects and engineers are doing to build a structure or make a new product? Books have been written about the subject around the 60's and the 80's, but it was just in 1991 when the approach is put to business use.

From finance, education, fashion and even in fastfood and packaging, design thinking has a lot of uses. All products and services implemented with design thinking has one thing in common: It was made with the end-user, the customer, the receiving end, in mind. That's why design thinking transcends all industries. Why not make good use of this thinking to help raise your company to further heights?

The Innovation Master Class will be held at the Tower Club Makati this Friday, June 23, sharing a full course on how design thinking can help you and your business. For more information, call +63 2 633 0153, +63 2 535 1150 or + 63 2 643 3887; SMS +639209814376 or +639209242532; email or message us on Facebook.

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