In Events, Change Creates Incompetence

Monday, May 29, 2017

This is a realization we get after years of being an event manager and event organizer.

This also validates the event industry’s favorite dictum, “ You are only as good as your last performance.”

In addition, this also validates the importance of continuing education. The thirst for knowledge pushed by the passion for excellence to be the best in the event management industry.

Life is a blur. Change and innovation are causing disruptions.

In this environment, your experience as an event manager and event professional may help but not much.

Change creates incompetence. It is this reality that we must always be ready to know more and embrace change.


By learning to appreciate the change, by leaving our old and traditional standards and notions, and by creating adaptive measures that will harmonize with the current change.

Change or perish. Having said this, accept that sooner than later we will encounter and feel that we are lacking some skills set that our event management profession created because of the change.

If we do this, we can face courageously that exciting world of change and event management. If we do this, we are true event professionals, putting premium in continuously seeking the best possible way to excel in the profession that we so love.

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