Innovation Master Class: Does your company have a DYING innovation?

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Hi everyone! How's your long weekend? We hope that your company's environment is refreshed after this long weekend, because if not, there's something wrong.

Imagine one day you enter your office and you see your colleagues and your bosses struggling, trying to solve problems. Even if you are the creative guy in the company, it's either you get sucked into the environment or struggle to balance everything. Your company's spirit of innovation may be dying.

There is one option your company can take: Know Design Thinking. Solving problems by design is common these days, as it justifies the purpose of the solution to the general public. Implementing design thinking to create better solutions is key for your company's survival.

If you feel that your company's spirit of innovation is dying, talk to your boss and suggest implementing design thinking to your company's decision-making process. Better yet, ask if you and your boss can go to workshops and learn more about it.

A lot of new innovations are decided through design thinking before it gets unleashed to the public - and it has various applications in finance, product design, food, architecture, multimedia, so on and so forth; so get your company's mindset into design thinking now!

If you ask us what would be the first workshop on design thinking you can go to, we suggest the Innovation Master Class this Friday, June 23 at Tower Club Makati. This is a one-day workshop on design thinking to help your company take a different approach in decision-making.

Refresh your business mindset by calling (+63 2) 535 1150, (+63 2) 643 3887; by texting +63 920 981 4376 or +63 920 924 2532 or emailing Seats are running fast so hurry and call now!

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