Brainswarming for Event Management in the Philippines

Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Brainstorming is our common tool used for solving problems and arriving at a decision as a team.

According to Harvard Business Review, there is a better alternative for Brainstorming in generating ideas and innovation.

The alternative is Brainswarming. Brainswarming is focuses on writing than talking where in a white board participants can place their ideas and solutions to a goal or problem that must be achieved or solved.

Brainswarming is a concept created by Dr. Tony McCaffrey. It is a problem solving technique which questions why we really need to talk in the first place. Perhaps this sounds exaggerated. But the basis for the question can be explained by studying insects. Ants communicate by leaving signals (chemical signals) in their environment. These signals influence the behavior of other ants that come along after them.  Using this idea a team can make a problem-solving graph where participants can leave their ideas (their signals) in a structured way for others to build upon. (

In a study conducted by Dr. Tony McCaffrey, he found out that Brainswarming produced 115 ideas in 15 minutes compared to Brainstorming that produced 100 ideas in 60 minutes.

Brainswarming solves the challenge of a group that is sometimes dominated by extrovert during a discussion in a brainstorming setting.

Implications for Event Management Industry

In an industry that demands more ideas and solutions to be presented to the clients, Brainswarming helps the event management industry to cope-up with the demands of the client.

At the same time, introverts which are common in production teams or event management teams can now share their ideas and allow it to be considered by the whole team.

As Brainswarming is applied and become a commonplace in the event management industry in the Philippines, we can see better and greater ideas being presented and implemented on and behalf of the clients

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