Embrace the Absurd in Event Management

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Playing catch-up.

This is sometimes what we feel as event managers in the Philippines. We are inundated with technological change. We are surrounded by new demands by clients that have higher expectations.

And this is an endless cycle, a cycle that we must live and accept.

Take for example the typewriter machine, if someone during my college days will tell me that it will be obsolete, I will raise a howl of protest. But as we all know right now, the typewriter is a thing of the past; computers are now part of our daily life. In fact, computers are in danger of being supplanted by smartphones.

Indeed, disruptions are everywhere. We are in a time of history that we cannot discount an idea that is ridiculous or absurd at the moment to be valid and powerful in the coming days or future.

Having said this, the best thing that we can do is embrace the absurd that is right in front of us in the event management industry.

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