Homecoming: The 8th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo Home for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Almost two weeks from now, the 8th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo will take place. Scheduled this July 28-30, 2017, the expo features almost 120 SMEs and companies looking for buyers and partners like you.

The Home of SMEs

The Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo through the years have served the SMEs in their promotion needs. The event provides them affordable and effective promotion platform that links them to buyers and partners, enabling them to grow their business.

The event generates 5,000 visitors and 50% of the visitors are quality buyers and partners that are serious in looking for new business and partners.

This setup results in numerous deals and partnership being forged inside the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo.

Indeed, the event is a home of SMEs and Entrepreneurs where their business can grow and flourish.

 Free Entrepreneurial Seminars

The free entrepreneurial seminar is a much sought after activity inside the expo. In these seminars, visitors are able to learn entrepreneurial stories, new technologies, and best practices crucial in running a successful business.

This year the event partnered with KA ENTREP, Asenso Pinoy, Pasig Business City Chamber, Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP), and Social Media Influencers to make the free entrepreneurial seminars rich and beneficial to SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Free Business Clinic Consultation

Besides the knowledge that you gain from attending the free seminars, you can avail of the free consultations that will be provided for free by experts in marketing, social media, operations, finance and entrepreneurship.

This one-on-one consultation provides you further motivation to start and grow your business.

Freebies,  Promos, and Giveaways

If you will go to the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo expect freebies, promos and giveaways from all over the hall offered by different exhibitors.

The organizer of the event has its own raffles and freebies for lucky visitors and buyers.

The freebies, promos and giveaways are an experience in itself that you should never miss when visiting the expo. For one, experiencing the different promos allow you to gauge the marketing effectiveness of these promos and the impact it brings to the companies employing it.

Free Entrance

In the middle of the benefits that you will enjoy as a visitor of the event, the event is free entrance to the public.

This makes the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo more accessible and your dream of starting a business or growing as an SME more achievable.

Championing the Growth of SMEs and Entrepreneurs

The Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo is an event you must attend. It has all the elements that will allow you to become successful in business. It also has SMEs participating that you can partner with and support.

Supporting the SMEs at the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo helps the country grow.

In fact, the more we support the SMEs in the expo, the more we assure a brighter future for our country and society.

Exlinkevents is the producer and organizer of the 8th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo. For inquiries you may call Tel.no. 633-0153, 643-3887 or email info@exlinkevents.com.

For more details you may also visit www.philippinebusinessentrepreneursexpo.com.

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