Focus more on Customer Experience for Customer Retention

Monday, October 02, 2017

It has been said that 32% of executives say that retaining existing customers is in top of their agenda, and 65% of a company's business thrives from its existing customer base. Therefore, we should consider our current customers as the ones who will advocate for your business.

Most of the time, Marketing Managers invest in inviting more customers than tending to the present customer base they have; but some are getting wiser and wiser that they also balance both markets. This is good. Here's why:

  • A good combination of in-house promotions and word-of-mouth marketing means that as your marketing strikes out your target markets, word-of-mouth will convince them further.
  • If you have a Loyalty Program, you can integrate it - for example, if your friend shows up their loyalty card at your store, he/she gets an extra drink that they can share to you. If you liked it, you are sure to crave for it, turning you from a customer to a fan.
As the flow continues, the business gets more and more attention, making it trend further. Now that's what we call a good momentum for the business to cash in on more value-added services which the customers will be taking in, therefore building a community of satisfied advocates which will rally your brand. The attention for a great Customer Experience is in the details.

Now that we have thought of this, we are already in the time where the customer is not just a customer, and what way to learn more about our Customer Experience Management is through the Customer Lovefest which will happen at the Tower  Club Makati this October 19 to 20.

Take time to have your marketing and loyalty executives join this exclusive event by calling Ex-Link at (02) 633-0153, or 535-1150; SMS 0920-981-376 or 0920-924-2532; via email at or through our Facebook page. You can also register at our website,

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