Hyundai supports Customer Lovefest 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc., the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country, supported the recently-held 6th Customer Lovefest at the Tower Club Makati last October 19 and 20.

In line with its new brand tagline "Gusto Mo, Kaya Ko, Sama Tayo," Hyundai Philippines showed their support for businesses as they release the H350 (also known as "Solati" in other countries) that is customizable for various uses - whether as a mobile home, mobile office, a VIP / celebrity limousine, and even as an ambulance.

The H350 is a light commercial van that has a standard 14-seating capacity, high strength steel body, and dual airbags among others. This shows that Hyundai is not just a brand of cars, it also aims to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Thank you to Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. for sponsoring the 6th Customer Lovefest at the Tower Club Makati held last October 19 and 20. For more information on the Customer Lovefest, visit our website, or call Ex-Link at (02) 633-0153, 643-3887, 535-1150, SMS 0920-981-4376 or 0920-924-2532 or email

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