The Best Sales Seminars in the Philippines for 2018

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The New Year is a blank page where we can start writing our new milestones.  

Every flaw that we have last year, we have a chance to rectify. This is true to the sales professionals, every weakness can  be corrected, and a chance to cover lost ground on the road achieving sales target.

However, most of the times, our eagerness to be the best version of ourselves fall short. One main reason is that our sales knowledge is not sufficient. The answer to this need is to tap a competent sales training institution that will provide you the best resource speaker possible to teach and inspire you.

The Best Sales Seminars in the Philippines

Enter Double Digit Growth Sales Masterclass, a welcome addition to the Sales Seminars in the Philippines. The Double Digit Growth Sales Masterclass are 5 Sales Programs that gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the sales growth you desire in a scientific and proven effective ways.

The 5 programs are:

1. Sales Leadership Masterclass, March 23, 2018, Tower Club, Makati City 

2. Strategic Negotiation Masterclass, April 27, 2018, Tower Club, Makati City 

3. Sustainable Selling Masterclass,  May 25, 2018, Tower Club, Makati City 

4. Sales Management Masterclass, July 20, 2018, Tower Club, Makati City 

5. Sales Differentiation Dominance Masterclass,  September 28, 2018, Tower Club, Makati City 

Be An ASEAN Sales Leader

The ASEAN Integration is on full swing. We are now witnessing the entry of ASEAN Sales Professionals in our country. They will compete with us. Some will be take the sales jobs that are supposed to be for us. Some will take away the clients that we have nurtured for the longest time. This disruption and stiff competition is the new reality. 

The question is are you prepared to your new reality?

The Double Digit Growth Sales Masterclass is designed to make you become an ASEAN Sales Leader. This is the reason why the Double Digit Growth Sales Masterclass is probably the Best Sales Seminars in the Philippines for 2018.

The world is becoming smaller. As a sales professional, the world is at the palm of your hands, with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, you will conquer the world and achieve your maximum potential.

Win A Siargao Trip for Two

Besides the knowledge and skills that you are set to gain when you enroll in the program, we are providing you the incentive to compel you to join today.

We are giving you a chance to win a "Surigao Trip for Two" if you enroll in three out of the five programs.

Siargao is a mystical place that you will surely enjoy with your chosen companion.

Book Now and Experience Growth

 The Double Digit Growth Sales Masterclass is you key to unlimited growth. This is the experience we wanted you to have. Therefore, make your 2018 a remarkable year, book now at tel. nos. 633-0153, 643-3887 or email us at

This event is produced and organized by Exlinkevents - one of the best business conference and seminar provider in the Philippines.

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