Strategic Negotiation Masterclass 2018 Set

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Strategic Negotiation Masterclass

Negotiation is one of the critical skills in growing your business. As a leader, manager or supervisor, you deal with different suppliers, business partners and clients.

In order to win or have positive results, you need to have negotiation skills. Negotiation is a science and an art. Whether you have basic negotiation skills, there is still a need to further learn this very critical skill. Continuous learning and application of the frameworks enable you to master negotiation.

There are a lot of testimonials about how having negotiation skills; leaders have been able to grow tremendously their businesses.

This is the reason why Strategic Negotiation Masterclass was created.

Strategic Negotiation Masterclass

The business environment is more complicated today. But the ground rule of negotiation remains. The skills required in negotiate remains vital. In this fast paced environment, if you have the negotiation skills, you can easily win.

Strategic Negotiation Masterclass is an advanced program that allows you to have improved skills in this area.

Strategic Negotiation Masterclass is set this April 27, 2018 at Tower Club, Makati City.

David Goldwich – The Resource Person

The resource person of the Strategic Negotiation is David Goldwich, the Persuasion Doctor, he teaches people how to become more influential, compelling, and irresistibly persuasive.
He has MBA and JD degrees and practiced law in the United States for more than ten years, arguing before judges and political, government, and community bodies. He knows how to persuade the toughest audiences.

David speaks internationally and conducts workshops in negotiation, persuasive business presentations, storytelling for leaders and sales professionals, and other areas of influence and persuasion. He is the author of four books, including Win-Win Negotiations: Developing the Mindset, Skills and Behaviors of Win-Win Negotiators, and his latest, Kickass Business Presentations: How to Persuade Your Audience Every Time.

Face-to-face Engagement

The explosion of digital expanded our horizon, but it did not diminish the importance of face-to-face engagement.

In fact, more and more people are demanding a face-to-face engagement with prospective business partners. This truth is more evident in the advertising industry where the marketing budget for events and experiential activations are increasing.

This goes to show that people are looking to be engaged more in the physical space.

We appreciate the positive impact of digital space but it made physical engagement and communication as necessary and valuable.

Benefits of Attending the Strategic Negotiation Masterclass

The following are the benefits you will gain for attending Strategic Negotiation Masterclass:

·      Understand the elements of the “principled” negotiation approach,
·      Know the four stages of a negotiation,
·      Understand the pros and cons of making the first offer,
·      Use anchor points to get more every time,
·      Distinguish interests from positions and learn how to uncover hidden interests,
·      Leverage on differently valued currencies of exchange to create value out of
·      Understand the process of giving and demanding concessions,
·      Know when to compromise and when to try for something better,
·      Develop alternatives and a powerful Plan B so you cannot lose,
·      Adopt a counterintuitive approach to get better results,
·      Learn how to overcome a deadlock,
·      Frame issues to your advantage,
·      Know the best practices of winning negotiators,
·      Use an eight-step template to systematically prepare for any negotiation

 Who Must Attend

If you are a manager, supervisor, lawyer, banker, financial advisor, purchasing agent, purchasing officer, executive, sales and marketing professional, business development executive, customer service representative, administrative and technical staff, and anyone whose work requires to negotiate with and influence others, YOU have to attend this event.


The Strategic Negotiation Masterclass is produced and organized by Ex-link Management and Marketing Services Corp. (Exlinkevents). Exlinkevents is one of the leading business event organizers in the country.

For partnership and participation, call tel. no. 633-0153 or email

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