The Comicon Philippines is Toycon, More than a Comicon

Monday, May 21, 2018

Comicon Philippines Toycon

The explosion of many pop culture events in the Philippines is good. More events mean more selection and great experience to the pop culture fans of the country.

Still, there is only one Comicon in the Philippines that is Toycon – Asia’s biggest and longest running convention for toys and collectibles, cosplay, comics, gaming and digital entertainment.

Toycon is set this June 8-10, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center.

Why Toycon is the Comicon of the Philippines?

Toycon boast comics, games, cosplay, digital entertainment and Hollywood stars, but at the heart of Toycon are the toys and collectibles.

The toys are part of our happiness when we used to be kids, and the new generation of kids that are continuing the love for toys as part of their growth and platform for fun and imagination.

Toycon 2018 Boasts Exclusive Toys

You are absolutely correct!

This year’s Toycon parades a lot of exclusive toys that you can only have when you attend the event.

They have the Manila Killa TEQ63 by Quiccs, Funko Pop exclusive, Anatoy and other designer toys that will be announced soon.

Toycon the Comicon Philippines is about the Toy and Pop Culture Community

What separates Toycon from its competitors and wannabes is the community.

Toycon is an event created by hobbyists and geeks passionate about pop culture, and they are part of the different toy and pop culture communities in the country.

In fact, you go to Toycon not only to see the program offerings, and buy toys. If you will observe, you will witness that Toycon is about meeting friends you have not seen for a long time, friends who share your passion with toys and collectibles and pop subcultures.

During Toycon, a celebration takes place, the celebration of meeting other collectors from your chosen subcultures.

And this is the reason why Toycon is the Comicon of the Philippines.

Toycon is more than a Con

This new tagline speaks volume of Toycon’s identity.

Toycon is more than an event that gather the comic fans and the movies adaptations that go with it. Toycon is more than games that the millenials are raving and keeping them awake at night. Toycon is more than anime, manga and cosplay where we meet the characters of our dreams transformed to life by cosplayers.

Toycon is a celebration of the Filipino Culture, imagination, creativity and excellence.

In Toycon, we recognize Filipino talents that contributed in the growth of pop culture the local and international scenes. There are a lot of heroes and heroines in the Philippines, they are the creators or contributors to the characters the world love and adore.

They are celebrated and recognized at Toycon, the only event that does this (unless after reading this, other Cons and wannabes may copy this idea, which is still good).

Toycon is a new playground

After experiencing growth and success, Toycon leaders new vision of creating a new playground for Filipinos and international community will usher this event to the future.

It will be the vanguard of the Philippine pop culture event to the next decade. It will be the Comicon Philippines that will attract not just the Filipinos but international communities to visit and experience Toycon.

I remember when the San Diego Comicon (the largest Comicon in the world) organizers visited the first Toycon at SMX; they said they have never seen such huge support to a Pop Culture Convention.

Indeed, exciting things are coming at Toycon.

 Come one, Come all

Before the good things that are coming Toycon’s way in the future, you have to attend, and bring your friends this June 8-10, 2018 at this year’s Toycon.

The tickets are now available at SM Tickets; buy now so you can prepare in advance your Toycon experience with your friends.


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