Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review Center at Success Institute

Monday, July 02, 2018

Registered Marketing Professional Review Center

The Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review Classes is now offered at the Success Institute – a review center aimed at assisting students to excel in certification exams.

RMP Certification Program is one of the flagship certification programs of the Junior Achievement – a worldwide organization operating at 130 countries.

RMP is a product of the need of the industry to have skilled and knowledgeable marketing graduates ready for employment, and challenges of the business environment.

The RMP CertificationProgram is a certification examination developed by top industry practitioners and reputable academic partners - Pearson Higher Education and Mc-Graw Hills Education.

It measures marketing students’ knowledge, analytical skills, creativity and problem solving ability through a theoretical exam and case analysis.

The examination covers six subject areas: Marketing Management, Sales and Sales Management, Services Marketing, Advertising: Integrated Marketing Communication, Brand Management and E-Marketing.

Success Institute reviewers are topnotch marketing leaders and practitioners. They are familiar and knowledgeable to certification exams. They also top some of the certification exams offered in the field of marketing and business.

Success Institute is now open and accepting RMP reviewers. The review session starts this coming August 18, 2018.

For additional information you may email at or text mobile no. 09209814376.

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