Event Management Philippines – A Successful Anniversary Sales and Celebration

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Event Management Philippines

One of the best ways to have a corporate celebration that adds value to your customers and organization is to launch an Anniversary Sale and Celebration.

An anniversary sale is a way of saying thank you to your existing customers, and stirring the interest of your non-customers to give your products and services a chance.

Combine this one with an anniversary celebration program you will be able to create an atmosphere filled with happiness and goodwill.

Event Management Philippines

Inframachineries 8th Anniversary Sales and Celebration

Exlinkevents – one of the top event management company in the Philippines is honored to be chosen as the event management partner of Inframachineries Corporation – an up and coming heavy equipment distributor that provides value for money with its clients and future customers.

We will skip on the execution and the details of the event, but happy to say that Exlinkevents have a new client that it will serve for a very long time.

Again, thank you Inframachineries Corporation! We look forward to serving you on your other upcoming events this year.

What is Your Event Management Challenge or Success Story

Organizations core competencies are focused on their products and services. Still, there is no denying that creating and launching an event is a great customer engagement strategy.

You do not need to learn about event management or create a costly event management department. You can outsource and tap the expertise of event management companies. This move is cost efficient and cost effective.

Now we would like to ask, do you have any event management challenges? How about a recent successful event that you implemented? We would like to know and hear from you.

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